About Us

Specialised Welding Products (SWP) is a dynamic and innovative team of people who provide products and services on the leading edge of welding technology. Established in 1983, SWP has worked tirelessly to develop a company that offers its customers one of the largest and most diverse range of specialised welding consumables in Australia. Our standard of support and service is second-to-none. We pride ourselves on our expert metallurgical and welding engineering expertise, enabling us to offer our customers the technical support essential for success in this competitive market.

Our Products: from our core of specialised welding consumables, to machines and automation.

In August 2015, SWP became a fully owned subsidiary of Lincoln Electric (Australia) Pty Ltd. This, coupled with our long- standing relationship with our trading partner the Welding Alloys Group, allows us to offer the most complete range of specialized welding consumables, welding equipment, and automation in the region. It also gives us direct access to the very latest welding technologies and research and development in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Our Services: from our core business of hardfacing and weld reclamation through specialist fabrication.

For over 20 years, SWP’s Service business unit has been servicing customers in the steel, power generation, alumina refinery, cement, mining, quarrying, sugar, oil and gas industries. SWP specialises in providing hardfacing, weld reclamation, build-up, cladding and high integrity welding services. Our team of qualified personnel with high standards of workmanship has proven itself and continues to be an integral part of SWP.

SWP’s service business incorporates our industry leading Integra facility located in Newcastle, New South Wales. Based in a modern welding workshop, Integra continues to grow in size and capability. Many varied/various customers and sites all around Australia are serviced by both our in-house and site services.

Loclur Engineering in Gladstone, established in 1981, was acquired in April 2018 by SWP (trading as Loclur Engineering). Their focus, as part of our Service business unit, is to provide quality fabrication of pressure piping, pressure vessels and hardfacing solutions for heavy wear applications for the mining, cement, mineral processing, power generation and alumina industries. Our branch in Innisfail in Far North Queensland is designed to service the local sugar industry with their reclamation and equipment maintenance requirements.

Our Capabilities: leading edge, welding focused and efficient workshops. The broadest footprint in the market.

SWP is at the forefront of welding and cutting technology. From laser wire welding and 3D scan work to new robotic welding, as well as additive manufacturing; these are some of the current technologies we have access to, through our parent leading R&D centre and through our trading partner on-the-job experience.

Our workshops’ automated and robotic welding workstations, along with our wide range of manipulators (from 1 to 40 tonne), provide the efficiency and flexibility to tackle many different and complex jobs. This, coupled with our powerful CNC high definition plasma profile cutting machine enables high quality and fast response time. Our workshops have the most advanced technology in welding; from multi-wire to single SAW, FCAW and GTAW/SMAW to Wire arc spray; for welding of low carbon steels, stainless steels, non-ferrous alloys to alloys that are more exotic.

With a highly experienced quality team of mechanical engineers, metallurgists, welding engineers, welding supervisors and tradesmen, we learn and implement the most advanced developments of engineering and welding that happen around the world. As such, SWP is capable of taking on both large and small engineering projects.

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