Sugar Industry

Over the past three decades, SWP in partnership with leading international welding product manufacturers has provided a complete range of Welding Consumables and Automated Equipment to the Australasian sugar industry

SWP provides the latest generation in alloy design for all welding processes to reduce wear and extend the service life of metallic components. We also provide the latest in consumable design for all joining applications covering all welding processes. A range of automated equipment using Lincoln Electric welding power sources are also available with onsite support when required. Developing products for complete weld solutions to increase metallic component life and productivity is SWP’s commitment to the sugar industry. Applications for our welding products in the sugar industry include:

•         Cane harvesting
•         Cane preparation components
•         Mill roller coatings and maintenance day roller arcing
•         Scraper plate and thrash bar hard facing and protective coatings
•         Coatings for boiler components
•         Wear plate fabrication

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